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Stampede Blue Contest: Best Patriots Excuse!

The Patriots have until Friday to explain themselves to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell after they were caught using a video camera to capture the NY Jets signals on the sideline in New England's 38-14 thrashing of the Jets. Between now and Friday, Stampede Blue will have a contest to see which is the best excuse the Patriots will offer Roger Goodell! Please feel free to offer your own excuses in the comments. We'll vote on the best on Thursday. I've picked a few ones from some message boards and websites that are just down right hilarious. Enjoy:

Belichick Excuse #1: We know the Colts are about to repeat SB wins so we have to do anything we can to prevent that, rules be damned.

Belichick Excuse #2: Mr. Commish, what exactly is the definition of 'IS cheating'???

Belichick Excuse #3: I hired the cameraman to scout married women in the crowd for potential rendezvous.

Belichick Excuse #4: Somebody was blocking our camera with piped in crowd noise!

Belichick Excuse #5: It was Bledsoe's idea! Once we heard about it we got rid of him. That cameraman must not have gotten the memo.

Belichick Excuse #6: We were tired of Peyton Manning making all those commercials. So, we decided to make some of our own.

Belichick Excuse #7: I have a secret man crush on Eric Mangini, sir. That's why I threw that cameraman out of the way after the AFC playoff game. ONLY I CAN FILM MY MAN-GINA!

Belichick Excuse #8: I just like to watch, Mr. Goodell. I'll leave it at that.

Belichick Excuse #9: I apologize, Mr. Goodell. We will never again employ Stevie Wonder as our sideline cameraman again.

Belichick Excuse #10: I'm trying to get fired. If I retire next year without a 4th ring, Patriots fans will find me wherever I hide and beat me senseless. This is my only out. Did I mention that I have a dogfighting ring going as well? Oh, and I pimp my players' wives out on the side. Did I mention that as well?