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Dungy dumps on Belicheat, Titans fans love me, and yes I plan to write about Sunday's game

Dungy takes a dump on Belicheat.

As promised, Tony Dungy lashed out at tarnished Patriots coach Bill Belichick, saying, among other things, that his accomplishments are now in question.

"Really, sad day for the NFL," he said. "It's another case of the 99 percent good things that are happening being overshadowed by 1 percent bad. Again, people aren't talking about our product, they're talking about a negative incident."
Dungy went on to say that oher teams don't pull this kind of crap. I'm inclined to believe Dungy. The cynic in me thinks otherwise, but since only one team (the Patriots) has ever been suspected of doing it (the Patriots) and was recently caught red-handed doing it (Patriots, Patriots, Patriots), then Dungy's opinion makes some sense.

Speaking of making sense (or not), did I mention how popular I am over at Music City Miracles, SB Nation's Titans blog? Yep, just like with the Houston fan blogs, they love me over there. The love me so much the dedicate whole diaries to me and how I should keep my fat mouth shut. One of my favorites over there (other than head blogger Jimmy, who is one of the good guys in blogging) is hartley. This guy is vintage, classic, and completely original. Here's what the always colorful hartley had to say about Vince Young and Peyton Manning:

I don't think that means that Manning is necessarily a "better" quarterback [than Vince Young] - just a better passer.  The passing game is not the be-all and end-all of being a QB in the NFL.  Being the face of and leader for your team is just as important, and that is something which is subjective and cannot be measured other than by wins.  And I think that part of being a QB is something at which VY is already better at than Manning is.
Again, gotta love that. A second year guy who hasn't played in a playoff game, hasn't helped his team to the playoffs, hasn't completed more that 52% of his passes on a consistent basis, hasn't thrown more TDs and INTs is better than a two time MVP, Super Bowl MVP, multiple Pro Bowler, and Super Bowl winner Peyton Manning.

If Titans fans want to know why Colts fans make fun of them, that's why.

Unlike Vince Young, Peyton Manning has earned your respect.

I understand Titans fans hate Peyton Manning. He owns their team. For the first few years of his career, Tennessee seemed to own him. However, since the Colts turned the corner in 2003 going from a playoff team to a championship caliber team, Peyton Manning has utterly dominated the Titans. So, I understand their anger. I hated John Elway and Dan Marino back in the day. But the difference is I always respected Elway and Marino. Titans fans don't seem to respect Peyton Manning. Calling Vince Young a better QB than Peyton Manning is moronic homerism defined. No offense, but such a statement is about as stupid as saying "Peyton Manning will never win a Super Bowl." And again, it's hartley's statement that's dumb, not hartley himself.

Also, I realize I set myself up for getting responses like hartley's because I speak my mind, and often it's blunt. Am I right all the time? Hell no. If I'm right 20% of the time, it's a good day. If the Titans and Vince Young go out there and play a great game and win, I'll be one of the first to congratulate them and wear the dunce cap.

Finally, I understand that some people might not like that I focused on the Patriots scandal this week and didn't write much about the upcoming Titans game. Folks, the game is important and I plan to write a ton this weekend about the game, but as important as the game is nothing is more important than the integrity of the league. Nothing. Belichick's actions damaged the league. Those actions called into question all the victories the Patriots have had under his guidance. That 2003 regular season game in Indy where Wilie McGinest stopped Edgerrin James on the goal line: Tainted. Did McGinest know Edge was running there because of this video cheating? That game gave New England home field advantage for the AFC Championship game, and it's a game they won because they bent the rules mauling the Colts WRs.

So yes, it matters to blog about it. It matters a great deal. If folks want to talk about other things, the diaries are to the right. I have the ability to take diaries and publish them on the mainpage, like with ctnyc's and JakeTheSnake's posts. This blog is more than just me sounding off. It's a community blog for football fans.