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Keyshawn Johnson: Still an idiot

ESPN seems to love idiot receivers in their studios.

We've always loved Keyshawn here. Where else (other than Michael Irvin) can we get such entertainment? Watching ESPNews right now, they have Chris Mortenson, Bill Parcells, and Keyshawn on talking about the Indianapolis v. Tennessee game. He's talking about Peyton Manning and how he's a dome QB and how he just isn't good playing outdoors. Since the game is in Tennessee, which has an outdoor stadium, this gives the Titans an advantage. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. Blah. Blah. Blah.


I swear idiots like Keyshawn read off a cheat sheet when the talk on TV, radio, whatever. Ok, can't win the big one: Check. Weak, pansy team that doesn't like to get physical: Check. Unable to stop the run: Check. Plays bad in bad weather: Check.

Psst, Keyshawn, did you happen to miss this game? It was against a physical opponent. It was a big game. It was outside.

Peyton won the MVP of the game.

Stampede Blue kindly reminds Keyshawn Johnson that the shiny thing in Peyton Manning's hand proves he can play well outdoors. Oh, and Marvin is still waaaaaaaaay better than you, Keyshawn. Way better. Better as in, you can't even clean his jock with your tongue, let alone carry it.