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More observations from the Tennessee game

Tony Ugoh had a good day at the office.
Photo (cropped):
  • I agree with Bullard47. Yes, "Speedy" Gonzalez is progressing. That catch between two defenders before halftime was SICK! I don't know if I've ever seen Marvin make a catch like that. Kid's a keeper. View the video of his catch here.
  • Another good point from Bullard47's diary, this time from the comments and MarkV0327. The way the Colts are using Clark is driving teams crazy. Tennessee could not cover the Colts slot receiver all day. It didn't matter if it was Gonzalez or Dallas Clark, Clark especially. The Colts are splitting him out, lining him up in the backfield, at TE, and in the slot.
  • Despite missing K.O. (ie, Freddie Keiaho) and Rob Morris, the Colts held Tennessee's running backs to only 3.6 yards a carry. Tyjuan Hagler can play some football. Good debut for him.
  • Tony Ugoh was quite good yesterday. He made some excellent lead blocks on Addai's runs, and did a very good job containing Kyle Vanden Bosh. Vanden Bosh's lone sack came when Manning just held the ball too long. Very quietly, Tony has progressed from game to game.
  • Peter King agrees with me:
    You'll need to be more accurate than that to beat Peyton Manning, Vince Young. Young badly overthrew an open Bo Scaife in the second quarter, causing the Titans to kick a field goal instead of being in position for seven.
  • After a week of bashing Vince Young, I will now give props to the Titans defensive staff. Nick Harper played a pretty good game Sunday. Meanwhile, Jason David and the Saints continue to get torched. Why? Because Nick Harper is still playing in a Cover 2 scheme. Jason David isn't. Harper is also a more disciplined coverage player and a far better tackler than Adam Jones was. Harper strengthens that secondary for Tennessee. Smart move by the Titans to sign him.
  • I still have no clue why we stopped running the ball on the last Colts drive. Yes, I know the safety was down in the box. So what? They couldn't stop the Colts running all day. Even if Addai didn't get much yardage, it would have forced Tennessee to burn two timeouts and eaten up more clock. Bad playcalling. No doubt about it.
  • Let's see, during pre-season (and much of last season) we had inconsistent coverage units. This year, the Colts special teams is letting extra points get blocked. Thanks Russ.
  • Tony Dungy is going to put me out of business. Why? Because he's started a blog, and he's not half bad of a writer. He's his latest entry:
    Unfortunately,  neither our game, or any game, was really the subject of discussion this week in the NFL.  Most of the talk centered on the Patriots and their use of illegal cameras on the sideline.  As I listened to the commentators, it seemed to me that the thoughts came down to one point.  Does it really matter how you do things or is it just the end result you're interested in?  The question that kept coming up was "Does this take away from what the Patriots have done?"

    I guess it depends on who you're rooting for, but I know how Jim Irsay feels about it and how he runs this organization.  As happy and excited as we were to win our Super Bowl, I don't think Jim would have taken any satisfaction in winning if he felt I was breaking the rules to do it.  I'm glad I work for an owner who feels that way and not only doesn't put that type of pressure on us to "win at all costs," but would be very upset if we knowingly violated any NFL rules.  So I think it does matter how you win and I hope we, as a league, continue to send that message to young players and coaches who are watching us.

    Well said, Coach.