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2007 Practice Squad

Well, it looks like neither Clifton Dawson nor DeDe Dorsey made the 2007 Practice Squad. Man, talk about a massive screw-up! Dorsey worked out with Manning and the receivers in the off-season. He learned the offense, did all this work. He also looked good in Training Camp. He was practically handed the back-up job and managed to completely and utter blow it. I know people that drafted him in Fantasy Football thinking he'd put up Dom Rhodes numbers. On an interesting note, Luke Lawton was kept as a FB on the 53 man roster. I did not think highly of him when I say him at Training Camp, but jdb said he looked good when he was there. Maybe Luke will work out.

Also, Craphonso didn't make the PS either. Very sad. We all rooted for Crap. On a humorous note, Yahoo Sports reported Ladell Betts was cut, and Redskins nation went ape-sh*t! Turned out Yahoo messed up. The only Betts cut was the Colts' Josh Betts, who was later added to the PS.

As far as claiming other players off waivers, the only guy Polian nabbed was RB DeCori Birmingham from the Giants. He was added to the PS. Oakland did not cut Warren Sapp, and the Eagles snatched up DT Kimo Von Oelhoffen.

So, this is the roster for 2007. It looks like Kenton Keith will get 15 carries a game, and Polian is happy with Ed Johnson, Quinn Pitcock, and Raheem Brock as his DTs. Maybe something will happen ala McFarland last year, but who knows. If they weren't comfortable with these guys, they'd have made a move. Now, it's a countdown to Thursday against the New Orleans Saints. This Thursday, it's real. They'll unveil the banner, work the fans up into a frenzy, and a new year will officially start with a new team sporting 11 rookies, one of them playing left tackle. I'm getting goose bumps, because KICKOFF WEEKEND IS AROUND THE CORNER!

Go Colts!