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The BSBD wins DPOW

As I promised, I'm not dedicating EVERYTHING to bashing the Patriots. This is a Colts community blog, not So, to balance out me writing about a dirty, cheating safety, let's take some time to celebrate Bob Sanders winning NFL Defensive Player of the Week for his 2.5 sack, 11 tackle, and 3 QB pressure day against the Titans.

Fear the BSBD.

Hey, speaking of the Titans, did you know Vince Young is a big baby who has all the leadership qualities of 4-year-old? I did, but then again I'm nothing more than a Vince Young hater, so say the Vince Young apologists. But please, don't take my word for it. Take Bob Sanders' (from Phil B. Wilson):

Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young may become one of the NFL's best quarterbacks. Then again, perhaps somebody will break him into pieces if he doesn't watch his mouth.

As if defenders don't have enough reason to take his head off already, Young provides trash-talking ammunition. Hell, he throws grenades at his tormentors. He did that on Sunday against the Colts. I knew the second-year pro had some growing up to do, but here's a bit of advice from someone I wouldn't want to trash talk.

"That's how people get hurt," said Colts safety Bob Sanders. "We're after you. You know what I'm saying? I told him, 'If I was you, I'd be quiet.'"

Uh, call me Goofy, but that sounds like sound advice.

"I didn't think that was smart on his part," Sanders said. "He was running around talking and clapping and chanting. I'm like, 'Look, we're hitting you. Are you serious? You're going to start acting like that?'"

Seriously, when have you ever seen Bob talk badly about anybody? Bob's a quiet, respectful guy and you really have to act like a grade A jerk-off to get this kind of response from him. Vince Young won't last 3 years if he keeps this kind of crap up. It's antics like this, and other incidents, that really lead me to believe all this "great leadership" stuff we hear about Vince Young is garbage. Leaders don't mock the other team, throw temper tantrums, punch teammates, and abandon their team while they are losing. Vince Young really strikes me as a pampered, arrogant little punk who is in for a very rude awakening if he doesn't shape up.