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More observations from the Houston game

Real quick, thanks to Da Good, Da Bad, and DaMeco for these kind words:

[Stampede Blue] is, hands down, the best Colts blog out there. Of course that is sort of like being the best Filipino tranny porn website, but still, it's always good to be number 1.
Thanks Matt. We try. Here are more Houston game observations for you Filipino tranny porn lovers out there:
  • Houston fans are royally pissed and annoyed their team lost. They thought they had the team. They thought they had the weapons. Remember when we all had that feeling with New England? If your team is committed Texans fans, you will one day win.
  • Speaking of New England, I haven't mentioned them for almost 5 days. Aren't you proud?
  • Yes, I'm aware I'm no longer talking about the Houston game. Gimme a sec.
  • What is going on with Ryan Diem? As coltsfan4life notes, he is just playing terribly. And what is up with the guard play? Remember last year when I wanted Jake Scott skinned alive and Ryan Lilja beaten to death in front of his mother?  Those thoughts and desires were swept away in a Maimi monsoon as both men played brilliantly against a very good Chicago defense. Now, I'm starting to get that old feeling back. It's bad when a rookie LT is looking better than your established veterans.
  • Speaking of rookie LTs: Tony Ugoh. I love the kid. Two of his first three pro games are on the road against improved division opponents. How has he handled it? Very well, in my opinion. His run blocking is good, and though he seems to have trouble with people bull-rushing him, he's got quick feet and recovers well. He's still learning and a bit raw, but I'm impressed. Nothing seems to phase him.
  • Anthony Gonzalez is really fast, but those dropped balls are driving me crazy. He makes amazing catches one minute and drops easy ones the next.
  • Kenton Keith, this is your warning: Fumble again, and you'll get your ass cut. Tony Dungy has zero tolerance for fumblers. If it becomes a habit, you're a dead man walking as a Colt.
  • Again folks, 40 yards rushing. That's what the Texans had. 40.
  • Adam Vinatieri's kickoffs have been great all season. The coverages? Not so good.
  • All the focus is on guys like Brady, McNabb, Palmer, and Romo because they are having career years so far. What's hilarious is left completely out of the discussion is Peyton Manning, who has "quietly" amassed 873 yards, 5 TDs, only 1 INT, and completed 66% of his passes. Think about that for a second, and then marvel at Peyton's greatness.

I won't start getting into team stats and that sort of stuff until after Week 4. four games in gives one a pretty good indicator of where the team is going.