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DeDe signs with Cincy. Cincy cuts Clifton.

With Rudy Johnson hurt, the Bengals signed former-Colt DeDe Dorsey, who was essentially handed the back-up job only to totally blow it in pre-season. He was cut from the active roster when the Colts cut down to the active 53 man roster. In order to make this work, Cincy had to cut another former Colts RB: Clifton Dawson. The Bengals signed Dawson right after the Colts cut him in August. Indy had hoped to add Dawson to the practice squad.

Since the Colts just worked out a running back, I think it's pretty safe to say we'll see Clifton Dawson in a Colts uniform again, backing up Addai and maybe Kenton Keith. Then again, Kenton Keith fumbled Sunday, and Dungy has no tolerance for fumbles. We may see Dawson backing up Addai and Kenton Keith demoted. Stay tuned.