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The "Not so-special Teams"

Allow me to begin by saying that its clear that this is a good team with talented players and solid coaching. We are 3-0 and at the top of our division. But we are all fans here and as fans it is, after all, our sole responsibility to complain about something. Therefore, lets talk about the "not-so special teams" that the Colts have been playing the past few weeks.

After only three games the Colts have giving up a touchdown on kickoffs as well as several long punt returns. We can overcome those mistakes against a team like Houston, but giving up some big plays on special teams isn't going cut it against teams like the Patriots. It can mean the difference between winning and losing a close and tough game.

So its clear the special teams must be improved if this team wants to repeat. Now the Colts have the players to play good special teams. Guys like Giordano and Tajuan Hagler are very good special teams players. Since I can't blame the players then I must blame both Tony Dungy and Russ Purnell. Purnell is obvious because he is, after all, the special teams coach, but Dungy deserves the same amount of blame because as Harry Truman famously said, "the buck stops here." Like I said, I see a lot of speed and energy with this unit, but I see bad form, management and horrendous game scheming. I don't see people running down there to blow up the wedge and free other people to make big hits. That clearly points to a problem in scheming and coaching. This team is just too talented to, possibly, have our season sunk because Ellis Hobbs of the Pats runs a kickoff back for a TD in the playoffs.

If this isn't fixed and fixed soon then I am going to have to play Henry VIII and Russ Purnell is going to be Anne Boleyn!