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Bleeding Green Nation gets facetime with Cris Collinsworth

JasonB will get to talk with this guy here.
One of my absolute favorite bloggers is JasonB at Bleeding Green Nation. Not only does he make a kick-ass podcast (dude's got a serious radio voice... much better than me) but he writes a great blog. He loves his Eagles, but isn't a blind homer. JasonB is just the man. He could probably chop down a redwood just by screaming GO EAGLES at it.

Now, I have yet another reason to be jealous of JasonB. He and his blog will be featured this Sunday night on NBC with Cris Collinsworth. That's right.

Sunday Night Football. Cris Collinsworth. JasonB. Maybe a pitcher of martinis.

Welcome to the Sunday Night Blogger with Cris Collinsworth - the show where Cris catches up with a local expert of one of the teams from Sunday Night Football. This week, Cris talks with Jason Brewer of Among the hot topics are Donovan McNabb's resurgence and the matchup vs. New York.
OK, maybe no martinis, but the interview is still cool. Please tune in to NBC Sports and Sunday night and watch JasonB yuck it up with Cris.