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Week Four: Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts- Open Thread

Denver Broncos (2-1) at Indianapolis Colts (3-0)
Week Four: Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts

Location: RCA Dome  Indianapolis, IN

Kick-off time: 4:15 pm ET

Broadcast: CBS

Key Injuries: Rookies Roy Hall and Clint Session are OUT. This is a big blow to the special teams coverage units, which are already bad. Hall in particular has looked good on ST. The positive is Rob Morris is back at SAM. He's been out for two weeks. Rocky Boiman and Tyjuan Hagler will go back to special teams duties full time. This may, hopefully, stem the loss of Hall and Session this week.

As always, TheSportsGuru and the rabid Broncos fans over at Mile High Report have done a great job blogging up to this game. Check out his report and his college football football report.

Speaking of college, WHAT A SATURDAY! Purdue is 4-0 (MasterRWayne boos from behind his monitor) and IU is 3-1 with a win over Iowa (MasterRWayne cheers like a wet USC cheerleader). Speaking of USC, Washington almost knocked off them off yesterday. Auburn beat Florida. Kansas State smacked around the Texas Vince Youngs... er, Longhorns for the second year in a row. Cal walked into Oregon took a dump on the ducks. The list of upsets is endless. For a complete breakdown of all the great Saturday upsets, visit the man himself, SMQ, at Sunday Morning QB. SMQ is the best college blogger on the planet, period.

But back to the real men that play PROFESSIONAL football, this game features two teams that are very familiar with each other even though they do not play in the same division. It seems every year the Colts play the Broncos. Since 2003, the Colts have played the Broncos in the regular season three out of five seasons, and if you include the playoffs they've played seven times in five years. That's almost like playing a division foe. Because of this, today's match-up is indeed a big game. To be honest, all games the Colts play are big games. There just aren't any more gimmes. Maybe there never were.

That said, here's to a good, clean game with no injuries. I'm tired of seeing fine players carted off the field on stretchers. Let's see some football, and Go Colts!