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This Thursday, the game is real

Between now and Thursday night, MasterRWayne, myself, and SB Nation's excellent Saints blogger Sunil over at Canal Street Chronicles will blog like maniacs leading up to the start of the 2007, featuring the New Orleans Saints against the Colts. It's a great first game match-up this year and much better than years past. The last great game to start a season on a Thursday night was Indy going to New England in 2004. THAT was a great game.

This time around, the Colts get their first game at home. It's only the third time in the Manning era that the Colts open at home. It pits two amazing offenses against each other. There is also a tremednous amount of history between these two clubs, and several stories interwoven between them: Peyton's father Archie is a Saints legend (and is doing Saints radio play-by-play I believe), CB Jason David now plays for the Saints, the last time these two teams played Peyton threw 6 TDs in just three quarters, Joseph Addai has strong Lousiana connections, the legacy of Katrina and how players on both these teams have helped tackle the problems, etc.

It should be a great game, and we're going to have a great time blogging as we lead up to it.