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Recap Week One: Colts 41-Saints 10

Mr. 3.6 a carry averaged 3.2 last night.
Photo: AP
18 to 88 posted an appropriate picture on what the Colts did to the Saints in this game. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Sunil over at Canal Street Chronicles for cross-blogging and posting some very funny (and informative) stuff leading up to this game. And as funny and insightful as Sunil is, Michael David Smith over at Football Outsiders (as well as AOL Fanhouse and PFT) is a complete f*cking moron who knows absolutely nothing about the sport of football. A small suggestion to AOL, PFT, Football Outsiders, and any other media outlet that employs Smith: Fire his sorry butt! Sorry, but Smith is so brain dead he makes Ms. South Carolina look like a Harvard grad. If you need a good repalcement for Smith, might I suggest Sunil at Canal Street Chronicles. At the very least, Sunil knows what he's talking about. Smith doesn't.

Here's what this gas bag retard wrote prior to the NFL season starting and last night's rape of the Saints:

I'm the last guy to get caught up in the importance of skill position players over linemen, defense and special teams, but at the same time, I just believe a team with Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne and Joseph Addai is going to be really good, even if the rest of the roster is a bunch of guys who would be on the practice squad of other teams.

Gee, thanks Mike. I suppose the lineman, defensive players, and ST guys Smith is referring to are guys like Freddie Keiaho, Marlin Jackson, Kelvin Hayden, Ed Johnson, Kenton Keith, and Tony Ugoh just to name a few. After watching these "practice squad" players utterly dismantle one of the better teams in the NFC last night, I wonder if Mike would like to retract his statement. At least during the game John Madden admitted he was wrong about the Colts last night. I know Smith is popular and people like him. I'm sure he's a nice guy. However, when it comes to knowing football, he's an idiot. You don't make statements like that and get off easy when proven dead wrong. Not in my book.

All I can say about last night's game is that the people who think the Colts are not going to repeat better start re-evaluating their evaluations. Yes, I know it's one game. But this was one game against a team many thin is the best in the NFC. Several picked them to play in the Super Bowl. I still think New Orleans has a solid team, especially on offense. However, last night they ran into a buzz saw.

The game was never really close, folks. Yes, it was 10-10 at halftime, but that score did not reflect what was happening on the field. In the second half, it did:

  • The Saints run defense really stinks. No offense to Sunil, but the Colts ran, and ran, and ran at will. It didn't matter if it was Addai, Kenton Keith, or even Dallas Clark! The Colts were killing the Saints up front, blowing them off the line.
  • Ok, I was wrong about Gonzo. He was open on a play that could have gone for 6, splitting the two DBs. But, Manning overthrew him. I was right about Clark though. Dallas had himself a game. I'm now convinced he can do anything. Why have Sorgi back-up Manning. Let Dallas throw the ball. Why not? HE CAN DO ANYTHING! Block, catch, run, jump, swim, climb, limbo, breakdance, bungie jump... you name it. Clark can do it all. I mean, how many TEs do you see run a reverse like that?
  • Big props to the rookies, especially Tony Ugoh. He had a false start and a hold, but all in all he played very well.
  • Big F U to the dumb ass refs who got assigned this game. Dwight Freeney was held, literally, on every play. I mean, it was so obvious Madden saw it. Yet, no flags. I realize Saints LT Brown can't block Freeney, but helping him by letting him grab and yank Dwight all over the field is just cheap. Throw the damn flags! If Brown can't stop Freeney it means he stinks and Sean Payton has to keep a TE in to help. Dumb crap like that really bothers me.
  • Freddie Keiaho is an animal. In fact, all the linebackers last night were animals. My favorite play was Freddie tackling Reggie Bush from the ground with an offensive lineman trying to sit on him. Freddie was hitting people all night, and no one escaped his grasp.
  • Matt Giordano is the first man to break the sound barrier without needing a plane.
  • Pass defense was sick! New Orleans has a very good passing attack. Maybe the best in the league, and last night they were scared to throw it. Brees was three steps ball out all night. He averaged 6 yards a throw. This is a top 5 QB folks. 6 yards a throw is Vince Young bad. He also had two picks and a fumble. Again, sick!

Finally, it is easy to point a finger at Jason David. And yes, the Colts were picking on him. They know (just like the rest of us) that New Orleans is not using him correctly. Jason is a great Cover 2 corner. The Saints had him man-to-man with Harrison and Wayne. Folks, there is not a corner in this league (yes, that includes Champ Bailey) that can cover those two guys one-on-one and be effective for 4 quarters. Harrison and Wayne require constant doubles and very reliable safety help. The Saints safeties truly, deeply suck. Help was always late. However, like a man Jason took blame for the game, which he didn't need to do. He was the only one who made a play for the Saints last night. That strip and fumble recovery was brilliant! That is what Scrappy Doo can do for your team. Leaving him out on an island with Harrison and Wayne is stupidity defined. That's not Jason. That's Saints DC Gary Gibbs.

Stampede Blue humbly suggests Commissioner Goodell suspend the morons who refereed last night's game... and then have them flogged.
Photo: AP

As always, with a win like this it is a bit bittersweet because a good fan and blogger, Sunil, now has to explain what went wrong. The positive is it didn't seem that anyone got hurt. It is only week one, and the Saints will likely bounce back. As for the Colts, this game was a far cry from the start of the year last season. This defense is scary fast, and guys like Keiaho look more like budding stars than "practice squad" fodder.

Week One is in the books for Indy. 1-0 baby! Go Colts!