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Kickoff Weekend 2007: 1pm Game Post-Mortems

I've spent most of the day cleaning liter boxes, mopping floors, and laundry, laundry, laundry. It's a normal working Sunday for me. But now that I'm done, it's football time baby! I can now sit down, put my feet up, and watch the Chiacgo v. San Diego game. Good times. Here's some notes on the 1pm games:

  • The Jets have no pass rush. None. Tom Brady stood back in the pocket all day and destroyed them. Randy Moss started after not playing a single snap in the pre-season and caught 9 balls for 183 yards and a TD. Wes Welker, who I snatched up in another fantasy league, did well for me with 6 catchesfor 63 yards and a TD. You can tell Welker is Brady's favorite target.
  • Chester Taylor hurt. Bad for fantasy. However, Adrian Peterson is a complete stud. Sadly, Joey Harrington did not do much expect throw 2 INTs.
  • Titans QB Vince Young throws for only 72 yards, no TDs, a pick, lost a fumble... and the Titans still won. That's how pathetic the Jaguars were today. Yes, David Garrard looked better than Fatty McButterpants, but the Jags rushing game didn't give Garrard much help and the Jags defense surrendered 175 rushing yards to Chris Brown. CHRIS FLIPPIN' BROWN! Wow.
  • Impressive opening day win for the Texans, especially their young defense. The Chiefs looked just terrible. It's only Week One though.
  • 4th quarter in Green Bay, and the Philly returner botches a punt. Packers recover. Massive. Complete. Puster Cluck. Packers kick FG to win.
  • Redskins also kick a FG to win in OT over the Dolphins. Redskins QB Jason Campbell impressive so far.