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NFL Kickoff Weekend 2007

I speak for all fans everywhere when I say...


Welcome back, NFL. We really, really missed you. After a summer of steroids, HGH, jerk players breaking sacred baseball records, a boring NBA Finals, and some English dude with a hot wife deciding to play soccer for an LA team even LA residents don't care about, we sports fans have needed our football fix. Now, football is back; professional football. This is America's game and DAMN it feels good to have it back.

Week One this year actually features some compelling first week match-ups. Here are some of them, including some blogs you can read covering the games:

  • Chicago (Windy City Gridiron) at San Diego (Bolt Talk)

    I agree with WCG. The Bears defense will indeed be better in 2007 than they were in 2006. That's a scary thought. This year, DT Tommie Harris is back from injury. They acquired DT Darwin Walker and SS Adam Archuleta. Many think Archuleta is done, but they're wrong. He's perfectly suited as a safety in the Cover 2, the defensive scheme Chicago runs. However, the Bears have a lot of questions on offense. Sexy Rexy has been stinky winky in pre-season, and I am no fan of Cedric Benson. In Week One, they travel to San Diego. Not fun. This is a big test for Grossman especially. If he plays well (and wins) it will shut up many of his critics.

  • New England Patriots (Pats Pulpit) at New York Jets (NY Landing Strip)
  • Randy Moss and Asante Samuel will play. The Jets feature new running back Thomas Jones and rookie CB Darrel Revis. The Patriots typically own this match-up, but the Jets are better than they were last year. At the very least, this game should be interesting.

  • Philadelphia Eagles (Bleeding Green Nation) at Green Bay Packers (Acme Packing Company)

    Donavan McNabb is back. The Eagles have revamped their defensive line, hoping to improve on a very porous defense last year. Meanwhile, Green Bay has quietly created a very young, fast, and GOOD defense for the Cheese Heads. The question for the Pack is can they run the ball with rookie Brandon Jackson. Jackson looks good, but with no running game, Brett Favre will throw picks. I plan to follow the Pack a lot this year because they intrigue me. Philly has their hands full in Week One.

It's 9am on a Sunday. I woke up early, after only 4 hours of sleep, just so I could watch NFL Match-Up on ESPN. It's the only ESPN show I like. They actually breakdown film. Yes, I'm a football dork and if you are reading this so are you. There are many compelling games today. To your right, you have the SB Nation blog roll. Check out the blogs and read up on injuries, news, and tips for your fantasy teams. Later today I'll have my results up for my SB Nation FFL team for Week One. Reggie Wayne gave me 24 points on Thursday.

Can you tell I love football? It. Is. Finally. Back. Long live football!