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A cause for conern: Joseph Addai

Now let me just start off by saying that I love Addai. The guy is a great running back and he has a long future with the Colts. However, its clear that the running game has not been that good over the past few weeks. I did some research and came across these stats for Addai over the last 7 games excluding the Titans game at the end of the season. They are as follows...

Att    Yards    Avg
22      56      2.5     
21      72      3.4
10      44      4.4
21      67      3.2
13      32      2.5
15      44      2.9
 6       26       4.3

Now stats do not tell the whole story, but I am however a huge believer in the yards per carry stat. I think any good running back should average at least 4.2 yards per carry. Addai started off the season red hot, but has been really cold as of late. At first I thought that maybe he was run down but he has carried the ball 261 times this year versus 226 last year. That is not an excessive number of carries for a running back so that cannot be the reason. Obviously, our offensive line has had some major injuries, but Addai has looked a bit slow out there the last few games, but maybe the recent rest will improve his productivity. I am not saying the sky is falling, but the Colts really need to run the ball better in the playoffs then they have in the second half of the season. Remember last year Dom and Addai were a big reason why we won the Super Bowl.