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All-Pro Team Announced (Only 2 Colts)

Following up on Bullard47's diary, the Associated Press NFL All-Pro team was announced, and it featured C Jeff Saturday and S Bob Sanders. Again, just like with the stupid Coach of the Year award, the collection of press writers voted Reggie Wayne second team All-Pro (not first, where he belongs) and Brett Favre as second team QB over Manning.

Um, what?

If you go up and down the list, you can see that these writers voted for players based on stats. But, when matched up with Favre, Peyton Manning has more impressive stats and his team has just as many wins despite playing in a tougher conference and division than Favre. I sometimes think that these writers only look at one stat (yards) and make their decision off that.

It really is amazing how a 13-3 defending NFL champion can have only two first team All-Pros. These writers simply don't watch the sport they cover. It is literally that simple, and that pathetic.