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The least talked about defending champion in recent memory

The Colts are actually the first team since the 1998 Denver Broncos to actually improve on their record in a season following a Super Bowl victory. Did you know that? Of course not, because no one wrote about it. The Colts were also the first team since Curly Lambeau's Green Bay Packers to start a season 7-0 for the third straight year. Did you know that? Of course not, because no one wrote about it. And now, the Colts enter the post-season healthy, looking to win their second championship in a row. Did you know that? Of course not, because no one has written much about it.

It's gotten so pathetic that the fact no one has written about it is actually more of a story than the team's accomplishments:

You remember the defending Super Bowl champions, don't you? Admit it, you forgot about the Colts. Here's a refresher: they host San Diego in the early Sunday game after the spotlight shines on the Packers and Patriots on Saturday and before the early-evening affair in Dallas to close out the weekend. Yes, the defending Super Bowl champions were tucked into a time slot in which much of the country will be just awakening after attending those Patriots parties Saturday night.
I'll give MSNBC's Bill Williamson credit; he at least addresses the media's crime: Literally no one is commenting on the Colts, the team that went 13-3 with the laser-rocket arm QB and the Defensive Player of the Year. Williamson goes on:
The strangest thing has happened to Tony Dungy's team.

They reached the mountain top and then they disappeared from the radar. Here is a Super Bowl champion that avoided a hangover and is just as good as last season, and no one seems to have noticed.

After taking heat for getting close but falling short of the Super Bowl, the Colts have now been buried after winning the title. The Colts are the forgotten champions.

Of the four teams that earned a bye in the first round of the playoffs, the Colts have been ignored. Why?

This is a team that has the goods to repeat as champions. That should be worth something, shouldn't it? We got all the other juicy story lines, but the Colts have the best chance to repeat as a Super Bowl team since the Patriots from earlier this decade.

Let's also be clear about one thing: Big media doesn't want the Colts anywhere near the Super Bowl. Dallas and New England are what they want. They want Dallas, with their crazy fans, and New England, with their Neanderthal fans, screaming at each other while Romo and Brady take turns showing off their girlfriends on Media Day. Ed Werder is already creaming himself at the thought of such a Media Day. Having the Colts show up will only ruin the party, which is likely why no one seems able or willing to discuss them.
But isn't there enough room for the Colts? Aren't we all going to feel silly if the Colts emerge from this tournament victorious again or even if they find a way to slay New England?

It will be the biggest non-fanfare return to a Super Bowl in recent memory.

Yes Bill. The media will indeed look foolish when the Colts win their second Super Bowl in a row this season. Bill Williamson gets a pass though, because at least he's discussing the issue. Everyone else: Fresh meat.

It's important to note that the media shunning the Colts is actually a good thing. I may sound like I'm complaining about it, but my complaints are more jabs at the sad state of American journalism. Covering the Dallas Cowboys (who haven't won a playoff game in over 12 years) and their Jessica Simpson-humping QB over the Colts is just bad journalism.

However, as a fan and follower of the team, I know Dungy is using this as motivation. The Colts really, really thrive when they play angry. When people dismiss them, count them out, or just plain ignore them, BOOM! They lower the hammer and make you go Woah!

Get ready. This team is mad, and ready to prove themselves all over again.