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Injuries, retirement, and who is playing slot?

  • The Colts Thursday injury report listed only Bob Sanders and Tim Jennings. Both were held out of practice "because of team decisions," which usually translates into "precautionary." Absent from the injury list is Marvin Harrison. Once again, Dungy said he will start and play. In all seriousness, if Marvin Harrison does not play in this game, he should have been IRed a long time ago. If he, for whatever reason, cannot play in a playoff game, he is utterly useless on the team's active roster. I personally think he will play, and he will have a big positive impact on the game.
  • All the Dungy retirement talk is stupid. Dungy has done this every year since his son, James, died two years ago. For whatever reason, the press have started noticing it, and they've made more out of Eric Dungy transferring from Park Tudor than it is really worth. Likely, Dungy will play out his contract and retire to Florida. Dungy's contract ends in 2009. I said, nearly a year ago, that 2007 was Dungy's last year. Now I'm not so sure.
  • I think Reggie Wayne should line up in the slot receiver position when the Colts go to 3 WR sets. Anthony Gonzalez has had a very good rookie season. However, he is much more comfortable (and much better) playing outside than in the slot. Reggie LOVES playing slot receiver, the position he first played his first two seasons in Indy. This would give the Colts a tremendous advantage, likely matching up Reggie Wayne with SD's third DB.
  • Dungy did not close practice this week like he did against KC in the Wildcard round last year. Several starters will likely play special teams this week. But, it doesn't look like there are too many wrinkles in store for this game... except, of course, the return of Marvin Harrison.