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16 reasons to root against New England

This list is possibly one of my favorite pieces of content ever posted on the Internet. It's insanely funny, wonderfully written, and poignantly truthful. Here are two reasons (out of 16):

14: The "Woe is Me" Patriot Fans

Despite being 16-0, on the cover of every sports publication throughout the season, being featured in prime time more than any other team, and having the highest regular season TV ratings, Patriots fans regularly claim they are disrespected.


4: We Are Allowed to Score Whenever We Want - You Are Not

The same New England Patriots who go for it on 4th down when they are up by 38 points in the 4th quarter and say "it is the other teams job to stop us" didn't always sing that tune. In 2002 when the Patriots beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Steelers did their best to score in the final seconds of a 30-7 game that they were losing. After the game, Tedy Bruschi said:

"I did have some respect for that team, but after what they pulled on that last drive, it's totally lost now" Bruschi said. "You're getting beat....just accept it with class. I know we would have if the tables were turned. But they're out there calling timeouts, trying to get extra yards, padding their stats"

That Bruschi quote is LOL funny.