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Moving forward

Just like the Colts, this blog will move forward into the off-season as we gear up for 2008. Like many of you, I need to detox after yesterday's game. It still stings, and will sting for a while. We will also get invaded by trolls, most likely from Chowda Land. Why fans of an undefeated team would want to come here and troll, I don't know. You'd think being undefeated would satisfy whatever insecurities they have. Sadly, it doesn't. We can dream, envisioning San Diego beating them next week. But that won't happen.

After we all detox, we'll do a recap of the season, a breakdown of what is needed in the off-season, and speculate on who should stay or go.

After all that, we'll start work on selecting two Stampede Blue writing fellows. Stampede Blue will enter its second year of existence this March. In blog years, it means the site is an old fogy. This past season, I focused more on community participation and I think that focus has paid off. Diaries are frequent and often well-written. We also get some great comments in diaries written by MasterRWayne and myself. So, in a few weeks, I'll select two writing fellows who will "work" for one year on Stampede Blue. These fellows will have the same blogging rights I do. They can make posts, upload images, make polls, etc. Mind you, I will still have full editorial control (and no, I'm not going anywhere). But, with more posts and new perspectives, content on the site will be even more dynamic than 2007. Mind you, this is in addition to the great work done by MasterRWayne and JakeTheSnake. So, by the time the NFL Draft starts revving up, we'll have five bloggers posting content on Stampede Blue.

Finally, I must be very, very vague in this, but tonight I started testing some new things provided by the tech guys at SB Nation, and I have to tell you... the new stuff these guys made it flat out amazing. I can give no details. I have no dates or specifics. I can only say that when you see it you will forget all about this loss to San Diego. It is literally that cool.

As always, your participation on Stampede Blue is appreciated, welcome, and vital. 2008 will indeed be a better year for us both as Colts fans and as Stampede Bluers.