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The Barbarian Invasion

Folks, when you are an elite franchise with the #1 QB in the NFL, the best coach in the NFL, and a dynamic team featuring numerous stars, you are going to attract attention. With that, if there is a blog dedicated to such a team, and that team happens to (shock!) lose a playoff game, the barbarians are going to flock to that site in droves.

Trolls have invaded, and some non-Colts fans as well. Several trolls have been booted, and several classless diaries and comments along with them. Again, if you are here to act like a jerk, I will kindly send you on your way. However, if you are here to state that your team is better, that's fine. Just do so in a respectful manner.

And to all Stampede Bluers: You will notice that when the Patriots lose in the playoffs (as they've done the last few years), there are few few trolls and jerk-offs that invade their blogs. For whatever reason, people seem to care more about us than they do about Chargers or Patriots fans. Wonder why?