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PFT saying Dungy to retire [UPDATE] Dungy says PFT full of C.R.A.P.

Tip to mgrex03 for posting this in the diaries, but Mike Florio is saying Tony Dungy will step down as head coach and Jim Caldwell will be named the new head coach of the Colts.

We will see if ole Mikey Florio is right, or if his "league source" is full of crap. Stay tuned.

Update [2008-1-16 16:46:29 by BigBlueShoe]: Dungy himself is denying the report, claiming he hasn't made up his mind. Florio's source better be right about this, because if they aren't it will make people like me really, really, really mad that he tried to jump the gun on something he shouldn't have jumped the gun on.