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The "Blame Peyton" game

We've had a lot of trolls in here talking about how Peyton didn't play well "when it counted." Such statements are, of course, both hilarious and stupid. FOX Sports' Aaron Schatz, who has done great work all season, concurs:

After a one-year hiatus, we continue the general theme of Manning's recent postseason career: Manning plays well, teammates play poorly, Manning gets blamed. For example, the 2004 AFC Championship game, when Colts receivers fumbled the ball away twice and Edgerrin James rushed for only 39 yards. Or 2005, when Manning put the Colts in position to send it to overtime only to have Money Mike Vanderjagt shank the kick.
It was inevitable that the Manning haters return following any kind of playoff loss by the Colts. These morons live to hate on Peyton, and the only thing more pathetic than their white hot anger at our Laser Rocket Armed QB is their explanations for why they think he "sucks."

Gregg Doyel at CBS Sports also weighs in on Manning's game against the Chargers. Like me, Gregg has a brain. Like me, Gregg thinks Manning's performance was brilliant. Like me, Gregg gets more hot chicks than Patriots fans do, because chicks dig the big brains:

Peyton Manning better not get any heat for this. He better not get any blame. He couldn't win this playoff game for the Indianapolis Colts, but by God he didn't lose it.

Dallas Clark lost it.

Reggie Wayne lost it.

Marvin Harrison lost it.

Kenton Keith lost it.

The Colts' defense lost it.

Maybe even coach Tony Dungy lost it, for allowing his family situation -- his kid enrolled recently at a Tampa, Fla., high school, triggering speculation that he will resign -- to become a distraction.

The San Diego Chargers won 28-24 on Sunday to advance to the AFC Championship Game, and kudos to the Chargers for overcoming a crazy rash of injuries to their offensive stars, but the Colts lost this game. And by Colts, translate that to mean "pretty much everybody for the home team except for Peyton Manning."

The Colts wasted a magnificent game by Manning, although missing six of his final seven passes could attract some finger-pointing his way. Still, the overall numbers say he was very good -- 33-for-48 for 402 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions -- and the overall numbers lie. Manning wasn't just very good.

A fresh slice of pizza is very good. An afternoon nap is very good. Manning was exceptional, perhaps as exceptional as he has ever been, and he has been one of the most exceptional quarterbacks in NFL history.

Well, it's good to know that not all the mainstream media has eaten up the garbage pedaled by just about every knucklehead drinking Sam Adams in the New England area.

Manning's game against the Chargers almost set an NFL record. It was a tremendous game. If you don't agree with that, you simply don't know what you are talking about. That simple.