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The Bill Polian Show: What does he have planned?

After a loss, it is always fun to listen to The Bill Polian Show. Unlike any of NFL GM, Bill Polian actually makes himself accountable to fans after wins and loses. Any fan can call into the show, ask Bill a question, and most often he answers the question in an honest, intelligent manner.

Last Monday, it seemed everyone and their momma called in complaining about the defense and lack of a running game. Unlike other GMs, who might spin and dodge such questions, Polian agreed. He said what pretty much everyone here has said (especially Ron L): The loss of Freeney back in November was devastating, and the team has not generated a good pass rush since. He said they did all kinds of things to scheme rush and that effort was there to generate it, but that effort did not translate into execution.

Translation: Polian is going to draft more pass rushers.

He also says he expect Marvin Harrison, Dwight, Booger, and Rob back at full strength next season. Harrison basically ran out of gas at the end of the SD game. His conditioning was not 100%. He also took a few subtle digs at Kenton Keith, suggesting strongly that K2 should have caught the ball. He sung Gonzo's praises, praised the improved run defense, and could not say enough about Peyton.

Listen to the show when you get the chance.