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Why do Patriots fans act like such idiots?

As I have always said, it is not hard to make a Pats fan look stupid. In general, (not always, but in general) they are a humorless, arrogant, self-obsessed lot who, on the evolutionary chart, fall somewhere between invertebrate frogs and the white crust that collects on the corners of your mouth in the morning. I've never seen a fanbase so easily riled up by trivial crap. It's no surprise that they take their cue from their team's owners, Bob and Jonathan Kraft. Both are spineless little turds who like to make baseless allegations, and then when challenged on those baseless allegations, run and hide like scared little boys.

They also rewarded their coach, caught cheating and penalized, with a nice contract extension. Real classy folks those Krafts.

So, it comes as really no surprise that Pats fans are "up in arms" over Colts fans booing a 14-year-old girl wearing a Pats jersey in the RCA Dome this past Sunday. Anna Grant, a teenage girl and Patriots fan, won the NFL Punt, Pass, and Kick Challenge. She was honored at halftime of the San Diego v. Indy game last Sunday. When Colts fans saw her in a Patriots jersey, they booed.

Now, any reasonable, sane person would chuckle at this and then move on with their lives. Even Anna, the girl so "traumatized" by the event, got a kick out of it:

"Before I went down there, my friends said, 'You know, you'll probably get booed,'" Grant told the AP. "I was kind of waiting for it."

"It really didn't bother me at all."

"People at the game came up to me afterward and said, `It's not you. It's your jersey.'"

Despite Anna's response and the fact that this is about as unimportant as OJ Simpson's latest arrest, Britney Spears sister, or who will win the latest American Idol, Pats fans are fuming about as red hot as Rodney Harrison gets after shooting up a vile of HGH, steroids, or whatever other illegal substance he was suspended for. For Pats fans, they seem to resent that their team is known as a dirty, cheating, classless, motley lot while the Colts are known as the pinnacle of how to run an organization and play the game with dignity and respect. Pats fans want to use this "incident" to point a finger at and say "Look! Look! The Colts are classless too! See! See! Look at them! They're classless! They booed a girl wearing a Pats jersey in the RCA Dome! That's just as bad as cheating, lying about cheating, running over cops with your car, or assaulting Jaguars fans after the Pats beat the Jags two weeks ago."

The stupidity of self-righteous Pats fans often makes for great entertainment. Only they, and their worm of an owner, would cry murder about this while conveniently ignoring the fact that recently Patriots fans assaulted and brutally beat two Jaguars fans at Gillette Stadium after the Patriots defeated the Jags in the Divisional Round the day before Anna's "assault." I browsed several Pats sites. I see a lot of crazy ranting over Anna Grant. I see nothing about Chris and Tanya Watson:

"It was pretty dark out where they're putting up all those new buildings," he said. "So I didn't get a good look. Besides, at 5-foot-8, everybody looks big to me. I just know I've got a punctured eardrum and lumps all over me; Chris has cuts all over his face; and Jeff got pretty messed up, too. People passing by were kicking and punching for no reason."

Or is a Jaguar jersey ample provocation for a pummeling?

"Chris and Tanya will have quite a story to tell about what we're like up here," Wormstead said. "And I feel bad about that, because I thought we were beyond this, especially now that things have gotten so good for us in sports.

"I remember going to games with my father, sitting on aluminum benches in the freezing cold with very small crowds. Now the good times are here, and the Krafts are doing everything they can to make it just right; I certainly don't blame the organization for what happened.

Could you imagine if a 14-year-old girl wearing a Colts jersey were introduced at Gillette Stadium? Security would likely need body armor to protect such a girl from the classy, dignified folks who reside in New England.

Also, you will notice the last quote stating the Pats fan didn't blame the Pats organization for what happened, and likely that's true. What's funny here is Bob Kraft, sitting atop his sanctimonious perch, seems to blame the Colts organization for Anna Grant's "trauma," and to show support for her in her hour of need, Anna will do the coin toss for Sunday's AFC Championship Game.

Classy guy, that Bob Kraft.

A better thing would have been to have Chris and Tanya Watson flipping that coin. That is class. Sadly, this is a classless owner who appeases classless fans who are both arrogant and stupid. A deadly combination, indeed. Likely, Kraft is pumping up this Anna Grant story so people will forget about the fact that fans of his team beat up fans of other teams in the Gillette Stadium parking lot.

So, when Pats fans shill on this issue, and when you see Anna Grant flip that coin this Sunday, kindly remember that the Patriots (both their fans and their organization) are full of complete sh*t. It is somewhat telling that despite the fact that they are playing in the AFC Championship Game with their MVP quarterback and their "genius" Coach of the Year, the organization is still obsessing about the Colts.

I think it's pretty safe to say that we are in their heads... and that they wouldn't know class if it jumped them from behind and beat them senseless.

Tip to bleedingblue for posting about this in the diaries. I saw several Pats fans agree that this Anna Grant story is silly, but I sadly feel these reasonable people are in the minority in Patriots Nation.