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Stampede Blue Fellows

I'm happy to announce the first Stampede Blue Writing Fellows Program. It's really an exciting time right now for bloggers in particular sports bloggers. With networks like SB Nation and AOL Fanhouse getting bigger, and tools like Blogger and WordPress, it seems like everyone is no online and writing about their sports passions. It's also an exciting time for Colts bloggers.

This March, Stampede Blue will celebrate two years, a lifetime for blogs on the net. When Stampede Blue started, SB Nation had only five NFL teams, two or three NBA teams, and hardly any college programs blogged. Now, I'm considered one of the old-timers. One of the reasons I started is I noticed a big dearth in Colts-related blogs. Despite having Peyton Manning, Dwight Freeney, and Tony Dungy, no one was blogging the Colts. So, I saw an opportunity and took it, and I owe a lot to guys like Blez, David Halprin, and WCG for their guidance and faith.

So, like Blez and the others, I'm looking to help others hone their blogging skills while, at the same time, providing new and exciting content for Stampede Blue as we head into what is sure to be a very active off-season. First and foremost, this is not a popularity contest. Whoever is selected is done so because they offer something unique that I, MasterRWayne, and JakeTheSnake don't bring. For example, if one applicant wants to write about more general NFL news, and not focus solely on the Colts, that kind of content is missing somewhat from Stampede Blue. Another example is an applicant saying she will blog about the Colts, but will do so more on weekends than weekdays. Weekend content is weak here because I typically avoid the blog on the weekend. Sometimes, you just gotta get away.

I am even open to the possibility of having a fan from another team write as a fellow. Yes, I would even consider a Pats fan.

The writing fellow gig is a one-year gig. This means, you have to agree to commit to blogging consistently on Stampede Blue for one year (ie, until January of next year). In my book, blogging consistently means at least five posts a week. The length of the posts is not an issue, but a minimum of five a week is required. Good writing skills are another big plus, as is a sense of humor. You don't have to be funny, but a thick skin is vital in blogging. These past few days have tested my skin, and it's been a struggle not to lash out at certain people just because they disagree. An open mind and a degree of self-deprivation are key in life, as in blogging.

Another thing I want to make very clear: There is no possibility for money (ie, I ain't paying you). You do not blog to "make money." You blog because you love blogging.

So, all that said, I'm sure you're asking Ok meathead, how do I apply for this outfit? The process is simple. Email me the following:

  • Your blog account name (you don't have to tell me your real name, but if you want to it's cool).
  • Where you live, generally (example: Evansvile, IN).
  • Can you commit to blogging at least 5 posts a week for a full year?
  • Your three favorite NFL teams.
  • Why do you love blogging?
  • What will you bring to Stampede Blue that is lacking currently on the blog?
MasterRWayne, JakeTheSnake, and I will look through all applicants and pick the two we all agree on. Each of us will have different criteria. For example, I will give extra emphasis on those who have been commenting here for a while. Jake will give serious consideration to anyone who sends him naked pictures of Jessica Biel. And so on...

As always, thank you for your continued interest and involvement in Stampede Blue. Our stories mean nothing without people like you commenting and adding diaries. We'll announce the fellows in a week or so as we get ready for Super Bowl 42 and the off-season to come. Go Colts!