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Dallas Clark ain't leavin'

We all hope Dallas, his agent, and Bill Polian can come to a long-term, cap-friendly deal to keep Dallas catching Peyton Manning passes for a while. However, if no contract is settled upon between now and the start of free agency, it's OK. Dallas Clark will get franchise tagged.

Now, some fans, like the Zombie boys at 18 to 88, feel Dallas should go bye-bye. Their reason: He lead the league in dropped passes. Sorry, but that excuse is far too fair weather for me to buy. Dallas Clark is a dominant TE in the same realm as Antonio Gates. I don't put Tony Gonzalez in that category because he's old and plays on a team with no real WRs. Dallas plays on a team with multiple star receivers and leads the league in TDs from the TE position. Hell, most good WRs would consider Clark's 11 TDs a banner year.

So, please forgive me when I say that anyone who thinks Dallas Clark should leave the Colts needs to get their head smashed in with a Conan-sized warhammer.

Don't make me bust this out.