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The Roid Bowl

What better way to deal with the fact that our team isn't playing today than making fun of the two teams that are in the AFC Championship Game. What else are we to do? Enjoy the game? HA! It's much more fun to berate and belittle the two teams actually playing, especially since both teams are known for their cheating ways.

Today's 3:00 PM Eastern game, or The Roid Bowl as its been dubbed, features Chargers LBer Shawne Merriman (suspended in 2006 for steroids use), Patriots S Rodney Harrison (suspended this season for HGH use), and a coach who, despite numerous warnings to cease and desist, was caught cheating earlier this season and was completely unapologetic about it. Afterwards, he was awarded a contract extension and the Coach of the Year award.

And who said cheaters never prosper?

Seriously, what's not to love about this game? It has everything the NFL marketing team loves! Of course, all this cheating and doping stuff is "in the past" and we should focus solely on the "history" we are witnessing. Listen, what the Pats have accomplished up until now is amazing, but as I said earlier this season everything this New England team does from now on is tainted. I don't care who you talk to. This team is universally viewed as a corrupt and amoral team who will cheat to win.

Does that sound like the kind of team you want to market your league around?

One thing is for sure: The NFL better hope the Pats lose today. They won't, but they better hope so, because if they win the next few weeks will do significant damage to the league. A cheating team with an undefeated record is not something that you want to showcase to the world in the biggest game on the planet. As for the Chargers, no one really gives a crap about them. Hell, even their own fans are apathetic. They barely sold out their home playoff game against the Titans.

The AFC is really in the crapper this year, folks.

Over on the NFC, two great teams are going to battle it out in freezing conditions. A late-January game at Lambaugh Field is as good as it gets. Why they don't have Super Bowls there, I don't know. I guess they want warm weather cities in order to appease rich jerk-offs who know next to nothing about the game. Forget appeasing fans (you know, the people who buy and consume this product). We saw last season that a Super Bowl with bad weather conditions is highly entertaining. But whatever, Green Bay v. NY should be a great game.

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