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After the Championship Games, it gets really, really boring

It is now "likely" that coach is back in 2008.
NFL football essentially ends after the Championship Games. The Super Bowl, now played a full two weeks after these games, is its own surreal environment more in line with American Idol than American sports. Even last year, I know I spent a good three-four days celebrating beating New England, and then was pretty bored leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. It's too long a wait, but then again what do I know.
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  • The Patriots deserve all the credit in the world for going 18-0. Yes, they are cheaters and now represent everything bad and disgusting in football (especially with the recent "revelation" that Richard Seymour is a Wilfork-like cheap shot artist), but to go 18-0 is a major accomplishment. Though they've had just about every break go their way, 18-0 is nothing to sneeze at.
  • The Chargers had no chance to win yesterday. Tomlinson had no business playing, and Phillip Rivers, hopping around on one leg, was awful. Turner should have started Volek.
  • In the playoffs, you must do three things in order to win: Run the ball; hold your opponent near 20 points, and don't turn the ball over. The Colts did none of those things against the Chargers, and both the Giants and Patriots have excelled at all three this post-season.
  • Two months ago, Eddie V. from Big Blue View had this to say about Eli Manning:
    Eli Manning: Amateurish. Awful. Putrid. Terrible. Pick your adjective, anything negative fits what Manning did Sunday. Perhaps the best one is disturbing. How is it possible for a guy in his fourth year, who has started as long as Eli has, and played basically with the same receivers, to look so clueless.

    Yesterday, Eddie said this about ole Eli:

    Forget all the doubts -- he's a big-time, winning quarterback.
    Hehe. Five bucks says that if the Giants lose the Super Bowl, the old "Eli Sucks" mantra will return. I'm not bashing Giants fans, per say. I live in New York part of the year and I can tell you from first hand experience that Giants fans are THE most fair weather fans in football. It's a major reason why the Giants are so good on the road and so bad at home. Regardless of whether the Giants play poorly, ok, decent, or good... they get booed. Giants fans always doubt their players, always wish they had this guy or that guy, and always wish the NFL was more like the MLB (so that the Giants could just buy championships, like the Yankees did).

    Eli was always the lightening rod for all this fair weather crap. The team has made the playoffs three of his four years starting. Other than Peyton, no other QB was under the microscope so unfairly. While garbage QBs like Vince Young get a pass, Eli is called a choker, a loser, and an "uninspiring leader" by Giants fans and former Giants teammates.

    Now, those said fans and said former teammates (Tiki, you're a schmuck) look pretty stupid.

    I don't consider Eddie V. in this category, because I think he's been rather fair with Eli. But I cannot tell you how many times I had to defend Eli from the blind, mindless hate his own fans display on a regular basis. This recent victory will shut them up, but only for about two weeks.

  • One of the biggest reason why Eli is playing better is the absence of Jeremy Shockey. Shockey is the most over-rated player in football, and Kevin Boss, his replacement, is far and away a better TE than Shockey. Unlike Shockey, Boss actually runs the routes designed in the play. Unlike Shockey, Boss can actually block. Unlike Shockey, Boss does no mope, cry, whine, and bitch if he doesn't get the ball. Unlike Shockey, Boss will be a Giant next year while Jeremy looks Oakland bound.
  • And finally, WISH TV is stating that it is now "likely" that Tony Dungy will return as the Head Coach for 2007. Just like Mike Florio's "report" from last week, this is a rumor from an unnamed "source." We will likely get Dungy's answer later today, and like the Zombie boys, I now think Dungy will coach in the Colts in 2008.