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Rumor: Randy Moss ditched AFC trophy ceremony, acted like horse's ass

Randy ran from his teammates following the Patriots 18th win in a row.
I guess this is a sign that I have "arrived" on the blogosphere, because like Mike Florio and a host of other would be journalists, I too have unnamed "sources" working to gather me information. It kind of makes me fell like The Shadow (the old 1930s Shadow, and not the Alec Baldwin one).

Anyway, my source, who I will call my "Patriot Friend," informed me that Randy Moss went straight to the locker room as the AFC Championship Game ended and did not join his teammates in shaking hands with Chargers players and coaches. The reason for his abrupt exit was not injury related. He also did not partake in the AFC trophy presentation ceremony (where the "classy" Patriots fans booed the Charger organization when their name was mentioned by Pats Worm-In-Chief Bob Kraft).

I've gone through Yahoo's picture library from the game, and there are no images of Randy Moss during the post-game celebration. No pictures of him holding up the AFC Trophy, no pictures of him hugging teammates, no pictures of him goosing Tom Brady. Nothing. Nada. Zip. You'd think that if Moss were there, someone would have gotten a picture of him doing something as this marks Moss's first trip to the Super Bowl. If someone can produce a real image of Moss at the ceremony, in street clothes or in uniform, then I'm happy to put this rumor to rest.

Does this mean Randy is pouting and as a result the Patriots are doomed in the Super Bowl? Unlikely. However, what this should do, if it holds up, is show that Randy is still the same old Randy we knew and loved in Oakland: A me-first jerk more considered with his own numbers (he only caught one pass for 18 yards the entire game) than in team accomplishments.

Regardless of Moss's alleged douchebaggery, we fully expect Patriots fans to do what they do best: Make laughable and ridiculous excuses for their jerk-off players.

Nice hair, pal.
AP Photo/Winslow Townson