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Mike Florio at PFT simply can't take the heat

You all have heard me rail about Florio and his hack-tastic site, Pro Football Talk. For years, Mike referred to himself as a "blogger" even though his shitty blog didn't allow comments and didn't allow visitors to track back and cite specific entries. I've long maintained that Florio did this intentionally, because if people were able to track back and cite the numerous times Florio's "sources" were dead stinking wrong about insider information, people would simple stop relying on Florio for that information.

Recently, Florio has rolled our a new beta-version of PFT, which allows post tracking and commenting. However, with Florio's recent screw-up regarding Dungy's retirement and his ratting out of Jim Caldwell as his source, Florio was getting hammered mercilessly (and justifiably) by PFT's readers in the comments. Since yesterday, Florio has modified the story, removing yesterday's reference to Jim Caldwell and Florio's half-assed attempt to cover-up outing Caldwell as his "source." So, what did Mike do to address this reader "revolt" and the obvious changes to his original blog post?

The scared, whimpy little punk shut the comments down:

Lately, controlling the comments has been the equivalent of taming the Wild West.  And we've simply got neither the time nor the desire to do it.

So we've shut down the comments, pending the implementation of a system that requires advance approval, with the submission of real user names and e-mail addresses, before comments will be posted.

Translation: Because all of you are calling me out for the hack, wannabe "journalist" I really am, I'm going to suppress all comments until I come up with a system that allows only comments I like onto the site.

Gutless move by a chicken sh*t writer. Simple as that.

I've written stupid stuff on Stampede Blue many, many times. Often, people like you have come into the comments and HAMMERED by posts, and for good reason. This kind of interaction makes a blog a blog! Without it, it's just the mad ravings of some douche who thinks he's more important than other people.

Basically, Mikey got mad that people made fun of him and called him out on the botched job he did with the Dungy non-story. Florio has done this before, numerous times. However, during those incidents he did not have anyone holding him accountable. The one time he is held accountable, he takes his toys and goes home.

By definition, that is what we real bloggers call a punk b*tch. Excuse the language, but this kind of stuff is deplorable to me. If you can't take a little heat, get out of the blogosphere. Florio was beating the drum on this non-story for weeks, and this is a classic example of a known jerk-off reaping what he had sown.

BTW: I anxiously await another of Mike's legendary Sprint phone posts, telling me I should drop $200 on a crappy phone and slow service.

Can you tell I really like this image?