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More on Florio's screw up

Good point made by djnyc, made in the comments here regarding Florio's lame attempt to save face in light of his "insider information" blowing up in his face. Florio said this when discussing what Dungy could do post-Indy:

Meanwhile, we think that Dungy could eventually return to the NFL in a Bill Parcells-type of a position with the Buccaneers or another team in relatively close proximity to Tampa.
WHAT? Why the hell would Dungy go back and work for the Glazers? You know, the Cabbage Patch-looking morons that fired him for no damn reason back in 2001 in a manner so classless it brought a smile to Belichick's grim mug. Can you imagine how awkward and weird that would be, Dungy working again for the Glazers?

And what is considered "close proximity" to Tampa? Miami? You think Bill Parcells wants Dungy running his football operations? Other than that, you're looking at Atlanta or New Orleans, which are both highly unlikely. The reality is when Dungy retires he will actually retire, not fake-retire the way Parcells has done for millennia.

Honestly, was Mike smoking crack when he wrote that? I wonder.

OK, I'm done talking about "Mr. Insider" for the day. Unless, of course, he sticks his foot in his mouth again sometime later this afternoon.