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Off-Season 2008: Isolating the Key Areas

Starting today, and moving on through the off-season, we'll have a series of article outlining what is needed for the Colts to win another Super Bowl. With folks like Abbath doing an ongoing series on draft needs, much of my focus will be on isolating specific areas where certain players are needed and offering opinions on how to address those needs (via draft, free agency, internal player development, etc.).

Small side note: Abbath is someone who applied for the Stampede Blue Fellow program. Now, I'm using Abbath as an example here not because any of us have made a decision (because we haven't), but let's say Abbath is not selected as a fellow. That does not stop him or her from continuing this ongoing series in the diaries, because each time Abbath makes an entry in the diaries on this subject, one of us Admins will indeed move it over to the main page. Again, this is just an example. JakeTheSnake and MasterRWayne haven't even seen the applications yet. I just started looking through the first patch. The point I'm making here is we (the writers here) will still move over diaries we think add something to the main page. If you want to blog about a specific area (draft prospects, injury speculation, blind hatred of the Patriots, analysis of Jerry Jones' face post nip-tuck, ranting against the Peter Kings of this world, etc.) we will likely spotlight such series on the main page.

Ok, now that I've explained that...

In order for me to discuss these specific areas that need addressing, I have to isolate what those areas are. After watching the San Diego playoff game, and re-reading many of the game threads, post-game recaps, and the comments in both, I've picked out five areas on this team that need shoring up:

  • Speed at WR

  • Depth at running back, including a well-rounded second option

  • Pass rushers, preferably at DT (but DE wouldn't hurt)

  • Kick returning threat

  • Special teams veteran

I'd like your thoughts on my list. You'll notice I left off offensive guard, a concern this off-season as both Ryan Lilja and Jake Scott are leaving. Colts history shows Howard Mudd can take garbage (like Jake Scott in 2005) and turn them into gold. If both players lefts, Mudd will work his magic. I don't worry about depth there.

The rest of my list need input though. Please discuss.