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Ron Meeks could very well be Washington's next head coach

Daniel Snyder and the train wreck known in league circles as the Washington Redskins are bringing back Ron Meeks for a second interview for their head coaching vacancy. Snyder has spent the last few weeks looking like a complete idiot, firing his defensive coordinator (who he interviewed for the HC job twice four times) and offensive assistant Al Saunders (who he also interviewed). Snyder also went and promoted Greg Blanche to DC and brought in Seattle's QB coach, Jim Zorn, as the new OC. Zorn plans to install a West Coast-style passing attack in Washington.

Snyder did all this without having a head coach hired who could, you know, help pick his own staff!

Already, Redskins fans are up in arms, screaming that Snyder is making disastrous coaching moves that are ruining a once great franchise. What I find funny is Redskins fans continue to support the team even though they all know the owner is idiot taking advantage of their rapid fanbase, which will watch whatever insane garbage if placed on the field. The solution to the Snyder problem is easy Redskins fans: Stop watching Redskins games and giving Daniel Snyder your money! I mean, you all know Snyder sucks. You know (or, at least you should know) that the Skins have absolutely no chance of ever winning a Super Bowl as long as Snyder owns the team.

Stop. Being. Snyder's. Bitch.

Once Snyder figures out he can't dupe Redskins fans anymore, he'll sell the team and go back to creating goofy, crap-ass amusement parks. Then, a smart, intelligent owner will buy the team and bring Redskins fans the quality franchise they want and deserve.

In the meantime, only a candidate like Meeks could walk in and accept a HC job offer like the one Snyder has on the table. Meeks has done a fine job building Indy's defense, but he knows he won't sniff another HC job as long as he's in Tony Dungy's shadow. He also knows he has no shot at Indy's HC job after Dungy retires. Meeks is a good coach who will speak his mind, and maybe that's something the Redskins need.

More importantly, if Meeks gets the job, who will coach the defense for the Colts in 2008?