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If Meeks leaves

If Ron Meeks is offered (and accepts) the Redskins coaching job, the question is then who will coordinate the defense for Indy in 2008? Keep in mind, this new potential DC needs to be someone comfortable with both Dungy and his eventual replacement, Jim Caldwell. Here are a list of possibilities:

  • Leslie Frazer could return after spending a year in Minnesota. It's unlikely the Vikes would let him go considering he has done an even better job coaching the Vikings defense than Mike Tomlin did. Also, the move would be lateral for Frazer, who should be in line for several HC jobs next year when as many as 12 current HCs could (and likely should) get the boot.
  • Promotion from within: John Teerlick is widely regarded as the best d-line coach in football. However, he doesn't strike me as a good coordinator. Plus, I think he's happy where he is.  Alan Williams did a stellar job coaching Indy's secondary in 2007, and Mike Murphy (the longtime LBers coach) always seems to churn out quality LBers, from Mike Peterson to David Thornton to Freddie Keiaho. Williams seems the most logical choice. Dungy, Meeks, ad Frazer were secondary coaches before getting coordinator jobs.
  • Hire former-Bears DC and current Chargers LBers coach Ron Rivera. Make no bones about it: It was a huge mistake for Lovie Smith to let Rivera go. Chicago's defense suffered a swarm of injuries in 2006. Yet, they were still in the Super Bowl. In 2007 they got hit with injuries again, but this time their defense was pathetically bad all season, and they missed the playoffs. Rivera is a top-notch DC, and was in the running for several HC jobs last season.
I think the third option offers the most potential. Rivera is an excellent coordinator, and the Bears players loved playing for "Chico." Rivera is well versed in how to run the Cover 2, but also has a strong background in coaching the 46 and 3-4 defensive schemes. He is especially good at coaching LBers.