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Mike Freeman: The new Dennis Miller

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Somebody emailed me a link to a story by CBS' Mike Freeman regarding how the head coaches in this year's Super Bowl seem to lack the charm and class exhibited by the coaches in last year's Super Bowl. Freeman, desperately trying to sound witty:

We have two head coaches in the Super Bowl who are such grumpy geezers they make Donald Rumsfeld look like the Easter Bunny.

The hate is back baby!

Tom Coughlin: screamer; short tempered; high blood pressure; looks like his head will explode any second; drill sergeant wanna-be; cuddly as a squirrel just exposed to a live wire.

Bill Belichick: resembles a man just told his cat was stuffed into a dryer; hard driver; punks the media; balls of steel; has been called Darth Vader. Blood does not run through his veins, carbonite does.

We have never seen two head coaches in the Super Bowl era viewed by so many in the public as first-class jerks.

But what to call this year's Super Bowl festivus? Hmmm ...

The Ass---- Bowl?

The Grumpy Old Men Bowl?

The Jerk Bowl?

The Bill Polian Bowl?

The Pr--k Bowl?

The Jackass Bowl.

That's it. That's perfect. The Jackass Bowl. TJB XLII for short.

Wow. That column was about as funny as watching a Mind of Meneca marathon, or re-runs of Major Dad. I wonder what Bill must have done to ire ole Mike. Based on the language and theme of Mike's "witty" columns, I think it's save to say that it's unlikely Polian did anything to upset Freeman. Freeman just sounds like a unfunny douche looking to score points with Pats fans.
Mike Freeman: Unfunny dork.