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Matt Giordano channels his inner Bob

You'd best be careful, because Bobitis is contagious:

The team's third-leading receiver with a career-high 46 catches for 421 yards, [Titans TE Bo] Scaife was hurt during Tennessee's 16-10 win over Indianapolis on Sunday night. He was trying to catch a high pass from Young when he was hit by Colts safety Matt Giordano in the second quarter.

The ball bounced off Giordano's head, and Titans receiver Justin Gage caught it just before it hit the ground for a 21-yard completion.

The tight end finished the game and returned with the Titans to Nashville. But coach Jeff Fisher said Scaife had a tough night, underwent some tests and was hospitalized on Monday. Scaife was released Wednesday morning but was placed on injured reserve and will need up to six weeks of rest to heal.

Obviously, I don't like seeing anyone get hurt. But damn! Giordano's hit against Scaife was indeed vicious, and a direct result of yet another poorly thrown ball by Mr. Excuse, Vince Young.

That Titans game featured some of the most ferocious hits I've seen all season from any team. The Titans limped out of that game, and were playing Indy's backups for most of it.

Tip to ABQ Colts Fan who talked about this is the diaries.