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Mike Florio continues his crusade to rule all of Douchebaggery

Once again, Mike Florio, famous for pimping Sprint phones, making up stories about piped in crowd noise, and constantly bringing up Peyton Manning's "wild" college days, seems to think Tony Dungy is a cheater. Apparently, with 20 seconds left in a meaningless game against the Titans last Sunday, Tony Dungy didn't call a timeout after his team turned the ball over on downs. This, apparently, is cheating to the Sprimp Master, who thinks Dungy and Titans coach Jeff Fisher had a wink-wink-nudge-nudge conspiracy to keep Cleveland out of the playoffs. From PFT, the only "blog" site that doesn't allow you to link to specific entries:

According to, the Browns can file a grievance regarding the apparent collusion between the two teams, since the Browns would have qualified for the postseason if the Colts had defeated Tennessee.

Frankly, the whole thing stinks to us.  Down by only six points, the Colts should have done everything in their power to try to get the ball back.  Their failure to do so undermines the credibility and integrity of the game.

And it also screwed the Browns out of a chance at the playoffs, since a reverse Music City Miracle would have knocked the Titans out of the postseason.

Besides, why wouldn't the Colts do whatever that had to do to knock a division rival out of the AFC playoffs?  Maybe Indy thinks that the Titans have a better chance at winning in San Diego than the Browns, and maybe the Colts prefer an eventual rubber game with Tennessee (if the Titans would win at New England, too) to a match up with a Chargers team that matched up very well with the Colts in Week Fifteen of the 2005 season -- and that beat the Colts again during the 2007 regular season.

Despite the motivation, it was wrong.  And, amazingly, even Saint Tony isn't above breaking a rule from time to time.

Lost from Florio's evaluation is the fact that Indy was nursing multiple injuries. Only 43 players dressed for the game, and players like starting CB Marlin Jackson left the hard hit, hard fought game because of injuries incurred during the game. When the game means nothing, the team is not "obligated" to do anything except show up. If they were "obligated" to win, then the league should have forced them to start their starters for the entire game. Since the league is never going to do that (because that's friggin' stupid) why would Dungy be obliged to risk injury to key players so he can have a chance to win a meaningless football game? Such questions based on logic and not blind hatred for the Colts elude Mr. Florio.

BTW, when Mike isn't making up stupid conspiracies or looking like an idiot on TV, he's writing "blog entires" like this:


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And Sprint also has NFL Mobile, the exclusive wireless portal for all things NFL, including live look-ins for Saturday night's history-making game between the Patriots and the Giants.

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Man, what a schmuck! I still can't believe Sporting News hired this yutz.

Update [2008-1-3 18:8:52 by BigBlueShoe]: In the beta version of the new PFT, Mike finally allows permalinks. Welcome to the 21st century, Mike! You're still a schmuck.

Update [2008-1-4 9:27:49 by BigBlueShoe]: Tip to shonuff for this: The Titans were on the Colts 29 yard line after the turnover-on-downs. If Dungy had taken a timeout, the Titans would have just kicked a FG and extended the score. It's now fairly clear to me that idiots like Florio do not watch the games they are making up conspiracies about.