Warrick Dunn could wind up with us

Falcons Dunn to Colts or Bucs?

If Warrick Dunn is released by the Falcons, he said landing with former coach Tony Dungy in Indianapolis or going back to Tampa Bay, which drafted him out of Florida State in 1997, would not be a bad way to finish out his career. "If I wasn't a Falcon, and I went back to Tampa or played for coach Dungy, it would be something that's full circle," said Dunn, who played for the Buccaneers from 1997 to 2001 under Dungy. "It's not what I'm hoping for and wishing for, but you never know." -- Atlanta Journal-Constitution

I would love it if dunn came to the colts. Though he is aging, I believe he still has some miles left and would be a far better change up from Kenton Kieth

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