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Stop. Whining. Cleveland.

Blaming us for your team not getting in makes no f**king sense, Cleveland.
I love Chris Pokorny over at Dawgs By Nature. I consider him a friend and one of the better football bloggers out there. It's easy for morons like Michael David Smith or his buddy Mike Florio to be cynical, take pot shots at losing teams, and act like general ass heads. It's much, much harder to write a blog focused on a team that is perceived as a perennial loser. Compared to Chris, my job is easy. Peyton Manning is everywhere. Tony Dungy is a coaching icon. Bob Sanders is the flavor of the year, and Marvin, Freeney, Reggie, and Vinatieri are household names. If a Colt player sneezes, I have something to write about. With Chris, no one cares about the Browns because they haven't won a playoff game since Vinny Testaverde was young, which was sometime around the Hoover Administration. So, to blog the trials and tribulations of a bad (or re-building) franchise, and make it interesting, is extremely hard. Chris accomplishes this, and it is why I read Dawgs By Nature often.

That said, the whining from Chris, and most fans in the Cleveland area, has gone beyond the point of pathetic. It's approaching Patriot-like levels.

Chris finally posted an article regarding last week's Titans game, and I really hoped he'd take the high road and not fall into the loser trap that Cleveland writers, like this idiot, have. Sadly, Chris is now taking the side of known schmucks like Gregg Easterbrook, a man so vapid he needs multiple "g"s in his first name to make him feel special. In Chris' article, he follows the line that the Colts had an obligation to the integrity of the league to play their starters last weekend. By "starters" they mean "Peyton Manning." If Peyton Manning had been out there throwing to Craphonso Thorpe and Luke Lawton, and still lost the game, Browns fans would not be bitching as they are now. However, because Peyton Manning sat, Cleveland proper groaned and started pointing fingers at others rather than look at themselves.

The other point Chris trumpets, echoing the Lord of Douchebaggery, is that Tony Dungy was obliged to call a timeout after his offense turned the football over on downs in its own territory with less than half and minute left in the game:

It was inexcusable for him not to use a timeout towards the end of the game. If you don't want to risk injuries to your starters, I understand that. But when you have your backups in the game, you still need to protect the integrity of the game. Did the potential exist for the Colts to block a potential Rob Bironas field goal and return it for a touchdown? Yes. Did the potential exist for the Titans to go for it on fourth down, not make it, and then have Sorgi heave a miracle play? Yes. Instead, Dungy jogged to mid-field with a stupid little grin on his face as he congratulated a division rival for making it into the postseason.
I agree, there was the potential for the Colts to block a potential Rob Bironas FG. There was the potential for a last minute heave from Jim Sorgi. Actually, no, I take that back. Sorgi's arm sucks. And blocking a Bironas FG? Unlikely, since it hasn't happened yet this season. And while it is fashionable to say the Colts only had backups in the game (so why not just throw them out there to get hurt because who needs back-ups in today's NFL), but the fact of the matter is many "starters" for that game were back-ups. The Colts only dress 43 players, late into the fourth quarter guys like Kelvin Hayden and Bryan Fletcher were still playing. So, this whole thing regarding back-ups is simple ignorance.

Let me spell this out clearly so that Browns fans can understand: The Colts were under no obligation to help you get into the playoffs, and not calling a timeout with 20 seconds left did not question the integrity of the game. I'm so sick of hearing this from people I want to tear someone's throat out Patrick Swayze-style. The game itself was meaningless for the Colts. The only obligation the had was to show up and not get hurt. That's it. Two years ago, when Indy sat its starters against Arizona, nobody said anything. Three years ago, when Indy sat it's starters against Denver, nobody cared. When New England brought in Doug Flutie to pooch kick just for sh*ts and giggles a few years ago, nobody complained. In fact, many cheered.

But, for some dumb ass reason, people are pissed this season that Tony Dungy dared to sit his starters, thus killing Cleveland's season.

If Cleveland fans are still mad about this, then I now know why their team has sucked for over 10 years. Rather than looking inwards (at, say, your sh*tty head coach who is supposed to be a defensive guru, but whose defense was the worst in football AGAIN), Cleveland fans want to blame others for their team just not getting it done. Cleveland had multiple opportunities to solidify their playoff positioning, and blew it (most notably against the horrid Bengals). As a Colts fan, and as an NFL fan, I have absolutely no problem with how Tony Dungy handled the Titans game. It was a hard fought, physical game (unlike most of Cleveland's games this season) that was ultimately decided by Kerry Collins playing better than Mr. Excuse (Vince Young). You can if, and, or but all you want with what Dungy should have done or not done.

Bottom line: Anyone complaining about how Dungy handled the final seconds of the Titans game is a loser, and their opinion on the subject means next to nothing.

When you find your opinions agreeing with noted schmucks like Greggggggg Easterbrook and Mike Florio, it's time to look in the mirror and ask yourself What the f*&k is wrong here? And if Cleveland fans want to circle their calendars for next season, desiring some kind of "pay back" for Indy "killing" their 2007 season, fine. For poetry's sake, I hope Dungy pulls his starters and has his back-ups kick the crap out of the Browns. After watching last Sunday's game, it was evident Indy's third and fourth stringers played with more pride, more passion, and more physicality than Cleveland's starters did all season long. That, my friends, is why Cleveland is home for the playoffs and the Colts are working on winning two championships in a row.

I'm going to be unapologetic in this because I'm just tired of all the bitching and whining. I'm just f*&king sick of it, already. It's not just from Cleveland fans, but from idiots like Greggggg Easterbrook, Tom Curran, Florio, and the like. In a season that featured teams cheating, running up the score, and players like Randy Moss insulting immortals like Jerry Rice, this is what people are pissed off about? Not using a timeout with 20 seconds left in a meaningless game?

F*&k the cheating, the HGH use, and all that jazz. It's Tony Dungy not calling a timeout that questions the league's integrity. Are you f*&king kidding me?

I knew, prior to the game, that there was no way for Indy to look good in this scenario. Regardless of the outcome, fans and media hacks (like Gregggg) would have cried foul if Dungy had rested starters (questioning game's integrity) or played starters the entire game (running up the score in a meaningless game). Since there is no way to "win" this supposed argument, I say screw it! Screw whiny Cleveland fans and idiot media hacks who simply can't rationalize the fact that Cleveland's team was not good enough to make the playoffs. Screw it all! I'm tired of addressing issues that are total and complete fabricated bullsh*t: Piped-in crowd noise, faked injury reports, and now Tony Dungy and Jeff Fisher conspiring against the Cleveland Browns.

I'm so mad right now I want the Colts to physically destroy any and all opponents in their way, and after they've annihilated each and every team they need to face in the playoffs, they walk away with the dignity and class that defines them. And before people starting complaining that I am "insulting" another SB Nation writer, I remind people that this is not a corporate-owned blog network like AOL Fanhouse. Here, we write what we want, unfiltered and uncompromising. There are no lawyers breathing down my neck telling me to "tone it down." It's why SB Nation blogs like Dawgs By Nature and Stampede Blue kick the shit out of Fanhouse and the annoying back-slapping that goes on over there. This post isn't "insulting" Chris or his Browns fanbase.

This is tough love. This is football.