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Jeff Saturday wins Offensive Lineman of the Year Award

After yesterday's disgraceful announcement by AP that Smilin' Bill won COTY, NFL Alumni Inc. announced their awards for the 2007 season. NFL Alumni describes itself as a charitable organization composed primarily of former professional football players guided in their volunteer efforts....

They divide their awards by position: QB, WR, Pass Rusher, DB, Coach, etc. Tom Brady won the QB award, Randy Moss won WR, and Jaren Allen won Pash Rusher.

And Indy's Jeff Saturday won Offensive Lineman of the Year.

I'm starting to think that NFL Alumni might have a better pulse on what the fans think are the best players and coaches over sports writers, who lost all respect voting Belichick COTY yesterday after he was completely unapologetic to them for cheating. Why do I think this of NFL Alumni?

They voted Mike McCarthy 2007 Coach of the Year. One group has stones (NFL Alumni). Another is just a bunch of spineless, brain dead, corporate drones (sports writers).