Jags win echoes 2007 ...

Anyone else think this win sets up a 2006 playoff type scenario? In those playoffs, NE knocked out SD for us, while SD was widely viewed as our "kryptonite" for the playoffs. Now the Jags look like the most likely team to knock out NE next weekend. There's no reason to think that Tom Brady won't torch the Jags secondary (after all, Manning does it all the time), but you do have to think that the Jags ball control run first offense, can keep Tom and company off the field. At this point, I can't decide who I'd rather see less in the AFCCG - NE or the Jags. However, certainly our worst case scenario is seeing the Titans go to NE, and having the Jags come to the dome.


Anyway, Jags or Chargers, bring 'em on!

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