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Well, at least we know Dan Banks voted for Bob

Bob Sanders damn well better win Defensive Players of the Year. Between the Pro Bowl disaster (12 Cowboys, including Roy Williams- Are you kidding me?) and Belichick winning Coach of the Year I don't think I can stomach seeing someone like Albert Haynesworth winning an award for most dominant NFL defender.

Thankfully, at least one writer got it right this season:

What a display of pass pressure put on by the Seahawks' front seven. Collins was sacked three times and either hit or hurried more than 20 times. Seahawks defensive end Patrick Kerney help set the tone of Seattle's defense, and while I voted for Indy safety Bob Sanders for the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year award, Kerney deserved some serious consideration for that honor with his NFC-best 14½ sacks.
Thanks Don. You made the right choice, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a pathetic Colts homer. Well yes, actually I am saying that because I'm a homer, but the choice was still solid none the less.