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Classy guy that Phillip Rivers

I'm keeping it "in the family" here: Eli Manning is far and away a better QB than Phillip Rivers. I don't need to compare stats, wins and loses, or interview coaches to see who is the favorite. All I need to look at is this video to know that Phillip Rivers is NOT someone I'd want on my team:

Seriously, when have you ever seen a QB do something like that? I'm sure there are QBs in this league who don't like Peyton or Tom Brady, but could you imagine if Peyton or Brady actually started taunting the opposing team's QB? For entertainment purposes, it would be hilarious! From a practical standpoint, and from the standpoint that, as the QB, you represent your team (and thus acting like a jerk-off makes your team and city look like jerk-offs) it's pretty damn stupid to taunt the opposing team's QB. I don't care what Jay Cutler may or may not have said earlier (he likely didn't say or do anything, but I'll humor Rivers here). Act like a man, shrug it off, and go play well. You're a professional athlete. You are paid to play well and represent your team and city. Leave the taunting to drunken fans who pay $200-plus to see the games.