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Stampede Blue Fantasy Football Standings, Week 4

BBS gave a good summary of what is happening in the Stampede Blue FFL, and I thought I'd supplement that with the actual standings after week 4.  Here are the standings:


Nobody is undefeated (although I was close, but lost to the King).  BBS has a ton of points, but keeps playing the guy with the most points.  BlueVol03 is the #1 rankings, as he has the most points at 3-1.

I'm looking really good so far, as I've escaped any major injuries.  I played Felix Jones for the first time in Week 4, and he didn't even get 1 carry.  Thanks Jason Garrett.  If McFadden can get past his toe injury, I'm looking really good.  The Bills defense was a great pickup, and Jason Campbell has worked out nicely for me (even though shake didn't like my QBs).