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Know Your Colts History: Dancing in the Dark

As you've probably noticed, there's a YouTube directly under this paragraph.  If you're bold enough to click that play button, you might be shocked by what you see.  You won't be shocked by vulgar language, lewd behavior, or anything like that, this video is strictly PG, but nevertheless, I get the feeling that you'll be blown away by what you see.

First, let's clear something up for those of you who are confused: That guy in the crowd wearing the white shirt that bears a striking resemblance to Peyton Manning, is Peyton Manning.  Scary, I know.  Personally, I'm not quite sure how we'll move forward in a world where we know that Peyton Manning has attended a Bruce Springsteen concert, but I suggest the best way to do so is by making observations about what we just beheld:

  • I think the window of opportunity to ever see Peyton Manning wearing a T-Shirt in a casual setting is completely shut.  If he can't stray from the tucked-in, collared shirt for a Springsteen concert, it's just not going to happen.
  • There's Kevin Faulk concert joke here that I just can't put together.
  • Just in case you needed proof that the Super Bowl XLIII halftime show will be better than the halftime show for Super Bowl XXXIX, XL, or XLII, you now have it.
  • Shouldn't they cut out the lights when they play that song?  I mean, it's all about the visual effects at big concerts like that, right?
  • Now that we've seen that, imagine the opposite event occuring: Seeing Bruce Springsteen at a Colts game.  For some reason, I see that being far less awkward.
  • It's a lot better seeing Peyton in the crowd, as opposed to being on stage, where something like this could've broken out if Peyton had been given a mic.