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Kelvin might be out a while, a possible Muir sighting, and more Fanhouse snickering

Some links to get you through the Friday afternoon lull:

  • PhilB is not optimistic about Kelvin Hayden's knee injury (Tip to Matic). I'm numb to injuries now. If we can get through one game without losing someone for a significant period of time, I'd almost consider that more of a win than an actual win.
  • Another AOL Fanhouse comment that makes absolutely no friggin' sense:
    Peyton Manning is like the Phil Mickelson of football and that should be self explanatory.
    Uh, it isn't, unless you are suggesting Phil Mickelson is the greatest golfer of his generation. If you are, your comment makes you sound even stupider than I thought possible. Stick to reporting sports. Lose the comedy (and the pathetic attempts to compare golf with pro football).
  • I managed to eek out a win in the Stampede Blue Fantasy Football League. I thought True_Blue had me, but this past Monday I had the Vikings defense and he had Adrian Peterson. Peterson did nothing, and the Vikes defense scored 19 points. I won 114-99. 
  • I won in my league against Fanhouse as well. My opponent left DeAngelo Williams on his bench.
  • 18 to 88 has their 18 plays up from last weeks Texans game. Always an enjoyable read.
  • I don't know WTF is up with Tony Ugoh. It seems the Colts are starting Charlie Johnson at LT over him. Ugoh dressed against the Texans. When you dres, that means YOU CAN PLAY. Yet, Ugoh did not play, and Johnson is getting murdered out there because he is NOT a left tackle. I don't think this is an injury. I think he was benched and the Colts don't want to talk about it.
  • Ugoh aside, it is nice to see Pollak and Richard in there. These two were excellent picks by Polian. We may be a bit snake bitten on the d-line, but Polian has done a very good job totally rebuilding Indy's offensive line. Now they need to gell and get some consistency.
  • Will be see Daniel Muir play this week? According to shake n bake's injury report update, Muir practiced. He should play.
  • And finally, aslo from PhilB (same link as above), Philip Wheeler will start at SAM backer this weekend. If the run defense improves with Clint session not starting at SAM, that tells us something. I still maintain Session is one helluva linebacker... at WILL backer. Not SAM.