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Bill Simmons is still a Colts hating homer

From his picks column

Ravens (+4.5) over COLTS
The '08 Colts are like Amy Winehouse -- they look awful and it should have ended by now.

You mean the Colts team that has won one less game against a harder schedule than your Pats.

The team that lost the player that a Pats homer would call the best in the league is better off than a team that went .500 with a makeshift line that is now nearly healthy. A team who's other HOF talent is a danger to quit on his team every week now is much better off to a team who will get Bob Sanders and their last remaining missing O-lineman back for the second half of the season.

The team that is suppose to be carried by the defense that is ranking in the bottom 8 in defensive DVOA is way better off than the team who's defense is playing better and offense is nearly intact for the first time all season.

At the start of the season who was better Colts or Pats was an agrument. Now without Brady any rational Pats fan must admit the Colts are a better team or than Brady isn't that good and wasn't that important to their success.

As long as Peyon is playing and Brady is not the Colts will win more games than the Patriots this season, I guarantee it.