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Week Six: Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts- Open Thread


Week Six: Baltimore Ravens (2-2) at Indianapolis Colts (2-2)
Location: Lucas Oil Stadium- Indianapolis, IN
Kick-off Time: 1:00pm Eastern
Broadcast: CBSSB Nation Co-Blog: Baltimore Beatdown
Tony Dungy stated on Friday that the practice on that day was one of the better ones so far this year. This week, we may see some key, young players step up and play significant snaps. With Kelvin Hayden waiting on the recommendations for his injured knee, Tim Jennings will step into the starting CB spot, with Dante Hughes playing nickel. Jennings and Hughes had a very spirited competition for the nickel spot in training camp. From what I saw at camp, it made both players better. We will see if that translates to better performance on the field.
Also, the Colts may start rookie LBer Philip Wheeler at SAM backer today over Clint Session. Session has a calf injury, and while Clint did practice on Friday, Wheeler may still get the starting nod. Dwight Freeney is nursing a sore hamstring, but there is a strong indicator he will play.
It remains to be seen if Charlie Johnson or Tony Ugoh will start at LT for Indy. I really hope it is Ugoh. He is not on the injury list. This means he is healthy. This means he should be playing. If he isn't, then that means he was benched. Regardless, it is nice to finally start seeing some continuity out of the o-line. Hopefuly it stays that way. Only one player has started the season at the same spot on the o-line this year (Ryan Diem).
As always, the Baltimore side of things is getting covered by Rexx and his crew of seafood-loving mates at Baltimore Beatdown. Special thanks to them for recommending some good seafood places in Baltimore. This is your open thread for the game.
Go Indianapolis Colts!